Jill-Jênn Vie

About me

I'm an upcoming CS teacher who loves to transcribe sheet music (my most seen YouTube video is an arrangement of this video game theme) and code algorithms in Python and OCaml.

I'm currently pursuing a PhD about design and analysis of adaptive testing in a crowdsourced setting (notably MOOCs) at Supélec and École normale supérieure de Cachan, under the supervision of Yolaine Bourda and Éric Bruillard.

You can find my résumé here, in English or French. I'm also a Stack Exchange fan, here is my Careers 2.0 profile.

Current interestsComputerized adaptive testing
Current locationParis
Latest favorite movie風立ちぬ The Wind Rises
Current crushYasutaka Tsutsui
Current readingThe Wavering of Haruhi Suzumiya
Best friendSerendipity

1 “People don't have arch-enemies” — John Watson

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